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The Lady Wants To Rest (Promo) CHAPTER LIST
  • The Lady Wants To Rest (Promo)

    Alternative : The Lady Needs a Break, Swigo sip-eun leidi , Дама хочет отдохнуть , Леди хочет отдохнуть , 쉬고 싶은 레이디
  • Author(s) : Yuin
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jul 17, 08:00
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  • view : 23.000.000
  • Genre : Fantasy, One shot, Romance, Shoujo
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The Lady Wants To Rest (Promo):

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In the distant past, I was cursed by my dealings with the world. Over the next 1,000 years, I lived an endless life. There isn’t a single life I haven’t experienced. I have been the most noble and humble person in the world, I have become a beggar, I have been revered as a saint, and I have been burned as a witch. And after my most miserable and painful life, I thought of it all again. ‘It’s all bothering me now—I’d like to take a break, please. I’ve decided to live a life of a lazy sloth this time, but why are people still bothering me? Let me get some rest.’ Her story of wanting to rest!(P.S This is a promo manhwa and it’s a oneshot)
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